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When Self-Esteem Goes Wrong

May 28, 2009


Everyone remembers that guy, right? He was that hard of hearing man (I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here, people) named Reh Dogg who wrote the Epic Fail “Why Must I Cry”…CD’s on sale at CD Baby in case you plan on hating someone during the Christmas season.

Anyway, remember the video?

Watch that and let’s discuss…

He has about 60 more of those you know. They vary from love to hate to love to hate to Obama. I don’t get it, but you might, which is why more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to make videos like this. Here is the most recent example (thanks for sending this to me, kris ex):

Watch THAT and let’s discuss…

I’m offended that we even have to discuss this, but seriously something’s wrong here. We can get all Freud about it and question the religious undertones in this song slash video. We can sit and question his intentions. Was he joking? Was he drinking? Did he find a white pill in the bottom of his medicine cabinet and pop it out of curiosity? I have no idea. The thing is, he recorded it, he can’t sing, and if you check the comments attached the video, someone plans to remix it. I guarantee you, someone is going to find it funny enough to release it somehow some way. Remember her? Yeah, Riskay the d*ck sniffer. She got signed you know. Maybe it was to her cousin’s label, but she got signed. That video is an official video. Someone wrote a treatment and shot it. How does this make you feel? If you’re not sure, watch this:

Remember her? Of course you do. You’ve said “It’s so cold in the D” at least three times this month and you’ve never even been to Detroit. I’m going somewhere with this, I promise. These videos fill the pages of your favorite blogs daily. They make YouTube bajillions of dolllars. You watch them, send them to friends, find yourself singing the silly songs at your desk. That’s cool. But here’s where the situation gets sticky. Every time your favorite artist’s album gets shelved, you can sit and wonder if it was to make room for a William Hung album because he has no trouble releasing music on an actual record label. Think about that.

This has been a Snark Jacobs Public Service Announcement. Now keep your mouth away from my d*ck!

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