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Get Wale On the Phone! I Hate His Single!

May 12, 2009


Seriously, what’s going on here? Okay I know in Bloganese I have the late pass of the century with this song, but I just heard Wale’s “Chillin” featuring Lady GaGa and I’m not happy about it.

First off, let’s talk about rappers accessorizing with weird girls. How much longer will this trend continue? It was nice of T.I. et al to sample M.I.A. on “Swagger Like Us” and Jay-Z to turn around and sample her musical cousin Santigold on “Brooklyn Go Hard” (at least he let her jump on a verse and get a collaboration credit, but we won’t get into that). But Wale? Lady GaGa? Really? He couldn’t have borrowed a few extra Mark Ronson dollars to get the aforementioned chicks on his track? Instead he gets Lady GaGa, who truth be told is probably more expensive at this point, but she does this half-assed hipster girl impersonation that makes her sound less like Maya and Santi and more like Gwen Stefani back when we hated her on “Rich Girl”.

It’s sad because Wale is a good MC. He’s better than this. There’s alot of real estate in a Lady GaGa cameo right now and I get that. But let her let her GaGa hang out and not try to sound like people out of her league (I will go the distance and defend Gwen at this point). Regardless, if you haven’t already heard (though I’m sure you already have), here’s the sad sad single of Wale. Dare I say this, but somebody call Drake for me.

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  1. you cant judge wale like that he is the future nd hes different, a breath of fresh air.
    there have been more severe case of over accessorizing with hot chicks nd that collab was dope both individuals with a very different styles makes its better. what did u want to here, rappers rappin bout drugs nd guns its not always bad to be unorthodox

  2. wat happen to u

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