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Kanye West x Rihanna x Shy Ronnie

October 25, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but this one was worth it. So Kanye West dropped his musical mockumentary (just kidding, it was decent) Runaway this past weekend and with it came new music. One of the songs, previously titled “Ghetto University” with Drake, now has Rihanna on it, and it sounds, well familiar. Remember Rihanna’s Digital Short with Andy Samberg on SNL called “Shy Ronnie”. Yeah, well, check this out:

Exhibit A: Here’s “Shy Ronnie”…peep the hook on that. Note Ri Ri’s melody and everything. Okay, now chew on this:

Exhibit B: Here’s Kanye’s “All Of the Lights” featuring Drake and Rihanna off Kanye’s soon to be released Dark Twisted Fantasy. Sound familiar?

In “Shy Ronnie” Rihanna has a line “Should’ve just paid Kanye”. Looks like Kanye found his own way to get paid…and so did RiRi.


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