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Video: Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

Ultraviolet in stores November 17th. Buy it.

Lady Gaga x Beyonce – “Telephone”


I’ve had this song for a few days and am pretty obsessed with it. As you should be too.

Rihanna – “Russian Roulette”


New single from Ri Ri. I need to just fully embrace my fanhood for this woman.

Lily Allen Kidnaps Elton John In “Who’d Have Known” Video

This video looks creepy, but Lily looks gorgeous. Shout out to Punchbowl Blog for the link!

So apparently everyone has covered “Black and Gold”


Wow. This song is pretty damn popular. Sam Sparro wrote himself a little hit. Then the covers came… Was this the “Umbrella” of 2009? You be the judge… Read more…

Ellie Goulding Covers “Black and Gold”


A few years ago I happened to walk past one of those awful “Hip-Hop” themed mall stores. You know the ones…they sell knockoff Ecko and sweatpants that say “Flava” written on the ass… Read more…

I Have Been Searching Near and Far For This Video

Madonna’s fan video for “Celebration”. Check out Lourdes around the 2:45 mark. Proof that fabulousness is genetic. Thanks to The Music Trail for the find!