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Affion Crockett Says Kanye Sowwy

This man is too funny for his own good.

New Alicia Keys: Doesn’t Mean Anything


Pardon the photo, I just think it’s hilarious. New single by Alicia Keys. Not sure where this song is going (album, soundtrack, etc.), but it’s pretty darn good. Enjoy!

Have a Happy Monday!


MTV VMA’s 2009: A Running Diary


So as usual, here is my play-by-play of yet another exciting (we hope) award show. Alot of these shows have been the suck as of recently, but MTV sometimes gets the job done. Sometimes. Let’s see how this pans out. Read more…

Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon: The End of Day Album Preview


I’ve got to be honest – when I first set foot into the listening session for Kid Cudi’s long awaited debut Man on the Moon: The End of Day, I was completely skeptical. Cudi, who wowed me once with “Day N Nite” then wowed me twice with the Crookers Remix, but only gave me half of my download’s worth with “Sky Might Fall” and “Make Her Say” had something to prove to me. That was until the album was played in its entirety and the pieces fell perfectly into the puzzle. It’s been a while since music had a Byronic hero, but if Kid Cudi plays his cards (and chords) right, he could very well be that dude for Hipster-Hop. Read more…

It’s Here…

Picture 2

Once I can embed this video a long in depth discussion will follow. But for now, enjoy it here.

Ay Bey Bey – “Poison”


I mean, it’s Beyonce…need I say more. I hate that this is a lame DJ rip. CDQ soon come.

Happy Friday

You Know What This Is About

Happy Birthday, President Obama.

C’Est La Drakie

Itsthereal outdid themselves this time.