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Usher x Nicki Minaj: Lil Freak (VIDEO)

Personally, I liked this video better when Usher first put it out as “Love In This Club”, but I digress. Yay Nicki!

The Top 5 Uses For Rihanna’s Forehead

I *heart* Rihanna, but this is hi-larious.

Lady Gaga x Beyonce – Telephone Video

If Amy Winehouse and Madonna had a child, it would look like Lady Gaga. This video has this Thelma and Louise vibe with questionable undertones. BeyoncĂ© is my favorite person in the world, so she gets the pass for anything she does. The video involves jailbreaks, jiu jitsu, girls kissing, poisoning, and Tyrese Gibson. Geez. The acting leaves much to be desired (forgive me, Bey), but hey, it’s nine minutes you might not want back after you see it.

Taylor Swift Snark

*gigglesnort* Shout out to Bright Moments for the link.

California Dreams Reunion on Jimmy Fallon

Oh Em Gee I loved this show. The guys are still hot. What a relief! Gotta love Jimmy Fallon. His grasp of pop culture is refreshing for late night. I wish that whole “Saved By the Bell” reunion panned out. Oh well. Watch the surf dudes with attitudes here.

R.I.P. Corey Haim

This completely devastated me. Out of the two Coreys, Haim was my favorite. Sure Feldman had the smooth moves like Michael Jackson (R.I.P.), but Haim had the wild hair, crystal eyes, and that curled smile. The no brainer cause of death was drugs. It’s so sad, because he was only 38. People think the druggin’ from the ’80s never catches up with you, but it does. Then again, Corey was dealing with prescription meds up until his death. I heard somewhere that he was taking something like 87 valium a day. Terrible. Okay PSA is over; R.I.P. Corey Haim, I never called you Leukoplakia.

Here are some of my favorite Corey moments (from both of them):

I Could Watch Erykah Badu Apply Makeup All Day

Watching the bawse of Hip-Hop Soul glam up to “Window Seat” off New Amerykah Part two (Return of the Ankh) dropping March 30, 2010. Watch for my interview coming soon…


I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since Biggie passed away. Peep this relic below from the Source:

It feels like I’ve had this clip forever. Peep the Source site for a nice collection of their Biggie footage/clips (including a clear copy of his above Unsigned Hype).

Here are my fave B.I.G. videos ever. R.I.P. Big Poppa.

Nina Sky – “Beautiful People” [VIDEO]

New video from my favorite group in the world.

My First Post of 2010…

I promise I will get better with snarking, but this one was worth the kickoff.

She’s back, bitches. Told you so.