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VIDEO: Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame – Short Bus Shorty

This cartoon…is amazing. The Waka Flocka Flame cartoon is like spot on. Actually, most of them are. I’m going to be watching this until August. Shouts to DLYDJ.

Nina Sky: The Other Side Ep. 1

As the girls prep for their EP dropping August 3rd, they’ve put together some tight webisodes to keep people up to speed. In this edition they’re discussing their studio process, their new single “You Ain’t Got It”, and lots of other fun stuff. So watch away, there’s more to come.

M.I.A. x Nicki Minaj – Teqkilla Remix

Rarely do collaborations like this work out this well. While “Teqkilla” (truth be told) was not my favorite track on Maya’s new album, adding Nicki to the remix instantly bumped it up to the Top 5. See this is where Nicki is going to outlast most female MCs in the game. She has the ability to appease the rap fans, but at the same time is weird enough to hang out with the electro-crazed hipsters. She’s more than just an option. Hey, hey, hey. And yeah we know M.I.A. is here to stay (don’t threaten with that retirement business anymore, ya dig?)

New Music: Nina Sky “You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)”

Some new music for your 4th of July BBQ from some of the greatest people on Earth. Be on the lookout for The Other Side EP dropping later this summer.

VIDEO: Lauryn Hill Sings “Ex-Factor” For Her Hometown

I don’t care about her hair, I don’t care about her clothes. All I care about is that she’s okay. Rock the Bells can’t come soon enough. This performance was beautiful. I was supposed to be there too! We’ll see her in August, Nat! 😉

Ellie Goulding Readies “The Writer” Video

Definitely one of my favorite songs on her debut album Lights, Ellie is on location for the 4th video off the album. “The Writer” is a little slower than her other singles, but the words are so heartfelt. The single drops in the UK August 9th. I so can’t wait for her to hit the States. Check out the video of her on location below, plus a live version of “The Writer”. Read more…

An Ode To Nicki Minaj’s Facial Expressions

So I haven’t Snarked it up in so long, but thanks to my new pretty (and free) WordPress design, I have the desire and will to want to keep this train a’moving. As I was going through all of my posts and fixing broken links and such, I noticed that I have mentioned NOTHING about Miss Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki the Ninja, Harajuku Barbie, 1st Lady of Young Money, etc etc. That’s probably because when I first started this Snark Jacobs voyage, I had mixed feelings about Nicki. That has changed and I am completely in awe of her. I think she is good for Hip-Hop and wanted to kick people in the teeth who hate on her. Anyway, I was watching the Diddy-Dirty Money video for the “Hello Good Morning (Remix)” and all I have to say is that Kim can’t feel good about this at all. I recently attended a Lil Kim concert that I will eventually blog about, but just watching this video and seeing Nicki’s wig and sharp rhymes, I was like damn Diddy really did find his new femme fatale. So in honor of Onika Maraj, I have a collection of my favorite expressions of hers. Enjoy them. Read more…

New Ellie Goulding Video: “Guns and Horses”

Yay what a great Monday present!! Ellie’s camp keeps deleting embeds, so here are some links to watch the video online if the embed stops working.




Erykah Badu: “Window Seat” (VIDEO)

Badu…does it every time.

Sunday Inspiration: Fugees Freestyle (1994)

I miss Lauryn Hill more than words.