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New Lauryn Hill? “Repercussions”

This is definitely not recent. It’s pretty apparent by the way she’s singing. She is cursing though, which is something she stopped doing circa ’98 when she had Zion. Yes, I’m ridiculous. Anyway, here’s the song.

Nina Sky: The Other Side Ep. 3

Anyone familiar with Nicole and Natalie know that their summer barbecues are epic. Here the girls film some down time at their first BBQ of the summer. Check out your favorite Snarkster at 2:30 watching the girls play Double Dutch.

VIDEO: Nicki Minaj – Your Love

They killed Nicki! You bastards! At first I thought the guy in this video was Pharoahe Monch, but alas it isn’t. I like this video. I do NOT, however, like the ending.

Sign This Girl Immediately

Spotted on Esthero’s website, this girl covers her song “Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)” wonderfully. Cool video too. Good job!

Nina Sky: The Other Side Ep. 2

The girls bring Episode 2 of their weblog series, this time they discuss weak interviews and share some deejay scratch exchanges with DJ Yonny. Funniest thing on this episode is them telling a story of an interviewer asking them how they met. Uh DUH. Enjoy!

ALBUM REVIEW: M.I.A.’s Maya [Deluxe Edition]

I have to admit…the Deluxe Edition makes me love love love this album. Here’s my review for HipHopDX. Check out my thoughts on the subject here.

INTERVIEW: ?uestlove from The Roots

My first “industry” job (not including my five years slinging tapes & CDs at Sam Goody) was street teaming for The Roots, so this interview with Questlove for HipHopDX was like chatting with an old friend (because it was). As The Roots witness the success of their 11th album How I Got Over and being the in-house band for Mr. Jimmy Fallon, I sat down with ?uesto to discuss the past, present, and the future. Have a looksie here.

M.I.A. For Dazed & Confused Magazine

Just some footage of Maya making love to the camera. /\/\/\Y/\ drops tomorrow. Get yourself a copy.

Best Rock Covers of Rap/R&B Songs

I wrote this piece for AOL’s The Boombox on the best Rock covers of Rap and/or R&B songs. The 30 Seconds to Mars one gets three thumbs up. Jordan Catalano err Jared Leto is so yummy. Here’s the link to the piece, along with my favorite songs by Jordan Catalano err Jared Leto when he was on My So Called Life. Read more…

VIDEO: Ellie Goulding – “The Writer”

I really can’t wait for Ellie to hit the States so people can look back on this blog and see how I called it years ago. Here’s the video for her latest single “The Writer”. This is a pretty video. It makes me want to go sailing. Don’t know why. Enjoy!