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Really Mary?

July 29, 2009

I have several problems with this commercial…For one, what the hell is Mary J. Blige doing? She’s ripping off her clothes to the tune of some half-assed dancehall beat. Next, at the beginning of the commercial she seems to have a slight patois that fades by the end of the commercial. Who is she, Angela Bassett in Notorious? Finally, Auto-Tune? I mean I know you were all “whateva Jay” when he declared Auto-Tune dead, but that didn’t mean you had to start using it. Auto-Tune is for rappers and Pop stars from Orlando. Stop it, Mary. You’ve already fallen out of my good graces once you got all happy and your music started to suck. Now you’re doing commercials? And btw, everyone knows the only real phones are Blackberries and iPhones. Stop promoting AT&T’s version of a Sidekick 2.

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  1. Awwweee… I love this commercial. Mainly because I love Mary’s attempts at dancing. Then the strut she had trying to stay on beat just put me over the top. I laughed out loud.

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