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Lily Allen Covers Chanel x Chanel Bites Marc Jacobs

July 28, 2009


Lily Allen must have a closet full of free clothes and bags, everyone seems to want her for their line. And why not? Every since her glam transformation (she’s always been fabulous though, do NOT get it twisted), Lily has been the poster child for chic, and many high profile brands have wanted her. Here she is rocking the new Chanel bag line. I’m not entirely sure the material of these bags, but they look like a similar material as the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand of sturdy nylon bags (those things are invincible, TRUST ME, I own four).

I know that there is this ongoing debate of which came first – the chicken or the egg when it comes to the signature Chanel design vs. the Marc Collection quilted. Since this blog is an obvious play on my love of Marc Jacobs, I’m going to say this – Chanel invented it, Marc perfected it. End of story. In the meantime, here’s some unreleased Lily Allen for that ass. [Shout out to Ashlene over at DivaDomination for the link]

Downlizzoad: Lily Allen – “Fag Hag”

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