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Tee Hee

July 27, 2009


Let’s discuss this…So first, we’re not entirely sure if this is Crooked I’s arm with “Slaughter” incorrectly spelled as “Slaugter”. We see him in a tattoo parlor, and then we see this spelling fail brandished on some poor bastard’s arm. If this is actually Crooked I’s arm, then we have now met a worse tattoo than that terrible homemade “Boomer” one on DMX’s back:


One Love, Boomer!

One time a friend of mine (who is probably reading this and will hate me) was supposed to get a tattoo that said “Jamaican Princess”. Instead the artist wrote “Jamaican Princes”. You can recover from that. Add an “s” at some point and you’re fine. Crooked I can’t if this is really his arm. He’ll have to pull a 50 Cent sleeve removal and start all over again. Poor guy. All the guys at the Saugterhouse must really be enjoying this.

Here’s a band who knew how to spell “Slaughter”.

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