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DJ Vlad Gets the Summer Jam Screen

July 6, 2009


So last week we witnessed the fall of one of our great publications, VIBE Magazine and the internets have long since been popping their collective collars at the demise of print. VladTV is one of the most outspoken about this. Well the fellas at have something to say about it.Check out their latest video:

I’m really glad they said something about this. For some reason, people get reckless when it comes to the internet. Maybe it’s the fast turnover of information that leads people into thinking that content doesn’t require spell or fact checking of information. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Web journalism has to uphold the same standards as print journalism, or else it shouldn’t be called journalism. Respect to It’s The Real for putting this up.

While we’re on the subject, this Slaughterhouse skit was hi-larious:

And of course, my favorite of theirs of all time:

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