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Black Eyed Peas Are Hateful Swagger Jackers

April 15, 2009


Big shocker there, right? I mean it’s already been established that Fergie is the female Elvis Presley of R&B, Hip-Hop, Booty, House and everything else under the sun. But this went just a little too far.

A good friend of mine (she’s a Chicago native and shall remain nameless) put me onto a song by an artist named Phoenix Phenom known as the Queen of Chicago Juke. Her song “Boom Dynamite”, well, to say the Black Eyed Peas stole heavy from her for “Boom Boom Pow” would be an understatement. Don’t even get me started on Fergie’s rap. You be the judge. FYI Peas, a little Auto-Tune does not make it a different song.

The Original.

The Cheap Imitation.

For more info on Phoenix Phenom click here. Don’t click that link, Fergie. You’ve done enough damage already.

Snark Jacobs

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  1. Edward permalink

    research your copyright laws before you piss and moan about someone taking someone else’s song….

    or you will have to bash every parody song ever written including RUN-DMC’s “Walk This Way” even though they worked with Aerosmith, according to your logic they are “Swagger Jackers”

    • kat3000 permalink

      Hey “Edward” I said swagger jackers. I didn’t say they stole the song, I said they stole the style of it. Research your ability to read before you come at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  2. OMG Fergie’s rap make my ears bleed….worse than they do when she is singing!

  3. dzan magrebi xartttttttttttttttttttttttttt:D

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