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Nina Sky is On Some Bull—-

April 9, 2009

There are plenty of artists that drop a song, run away, and we’re okay with it. Nina Sky is definitely an exception. The twin duo released their self-titled debut like what, sixteen years ago? And we’re still all like, well, what the hell are you doing? We found out with the release of their new video “On Some Bull—-”

Watch this video and then we’ll discuss it.

So the girls have come a long way from sitting on cars with matching Sidekicks in their “Move Ya Body” video debut. Now they’re sitting on cars with matching Blackberries. Evolution is key. This is a hot little video which shows Nicole and Natalie right off the Westside Highway in NYC standing in heels on cobblestone cursing out some poor invisible bastard. Then they go inside and it’s a big party where Tony Touch is deejaying and they’re performing. There are some more familiar faces in the crowd, a favorite shot being Julissa B shimmying through a door of lit vines like nobody’s business. There’s also a dancing pig. He’s not a cop so the Hip-Hop community will be pleased, nor is he being eaten so various religious communities will be happy as well. There’s also a trunk full of CDs. Take THAT iTunes!


Go Juli! It’s ya birthday!


That pig is on some bullshit.

Nina Sky released a couple of teaser singles over the past couple of years (“Sugar Daddy”, “Flippin’ That”, “Clothes Off”, “Curtain Call” ft Office Ross). They were all really good, but this one has moxy. It shows Nina Sky grew up and are doing their thing since making the jump from Universal to Polo Grounds/J Records. The Musical is set to release “soon” but in the meantime NI**Sky is kicking ass as a DJ (Just ask ?uestlove on Twitter) and **NASky is kicking ass as a clothing designer (Just ask one of her collaborators MadeMe). Gotta love a good side hustle.

Since one of my side hustles is stalking video sets, I was behind the scenes. Check the photos. Photo credits: ME. Fuck what you heard.


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