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This Keri Hilson Video is Depressing

April 6, 2009

Okay watch this video. I’m sure you’ve already watched it ad nauseam. This is one of the only good songs on Keri Hilson’s debut album In a Perfect World… Most people are in love with this album, judging by her Billboard #1 status. But see I know better.

I am such a die hard fan of The Clutch it’s ridiculous. I love their ability to make me not hate Pop music. They’re gifted; so is Keri. She made me like Britney Spears, which was no small feat. I was so anxious for this album to drop and then it did and I wanted to drop the album on the floor. I mean, self-love is great but she’s impregnating herself with compliments. Her self-esteem is waaayyy too high for a voice that shitty live. Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog.

Watch this video. If you love it, then are we watching the same video? First things first – Kanye with the poopy puff in the back of his head like those pom pom socks from back in the day:


Kanye’s hairdon’t

Those Michael Jackson meets Marty McFly clothing choices aren’t so bad, but the hair has got to go. Speaking of hair be gone, where is yours going, Keri? I’ve come to realize that the shorter her hair gets, the bigger her ego gets and the less I like her. She was my favorite back when she had the Saleisha Stowers from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 hair.


Saleisha Stowers vs. Miss Keri Baby

Then the hair left and so did my interest in her music. One probably doesn’t have anything to do with the other, but it’s a reference point at least. So then the video is all about that damn painting of Keri and Kanye running around being Kanye and Ne-Yo being Ne-Yo and then they do a face-off stare-down like it’s Zoolander. Hey guys, listen to your friend Billy Zane, that Blue Steel mean mugging game looks like you’re about to kiss:


Spin the bottle.

And let’s not forget Keri isn’t even part of the drama. She’s hugging Kanye from behind at the beginning like she’s a quarterback and then touching herself all alone while the boys go have their fun.


This is bad, real bad. Michael Jackson.

I’m not convinced that anyone is attracted to anyone in this video…well except for the near-pucker scene between Ne-Yo and Kanye. This video just makes no damn sense. It’s a shame that it’s my favorite song on the album. I’m warning you, Keri, you better start impressing me soon.


Keri and I during happier times (notice her hair)

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  1. Hahaha… Some pretty interesting refrences in there! Kanye compared 2 pom pom sock! Lol but I do think the video couldve been waaaaayyy betta considering how “hot” the song is

  2. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE! LOL. I guess you “knocked her down” a few notches, huh. I never really got the video either. Was Keri and Kanye together and Ne-Yo was Yeezy’s side piece or something?

    The questions are there, but where are the answers, Keri?!

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