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Melanie Fiona Covers Kanye West – “Heartless”

April 2, 2009

Is it possible for a brand new artist to outshine someone on their own track that’s not even a year old?

Maybe, because Melanie Fiona killed (in the good way) “Heartless”. [RapRadar] Truth be told, this is actually my favorite song on 808’s & Heartbreak so anyone with half a voice probably could impress me if they cover it. Melanie Fiona is different though. She adds a great deal of substance it seems to whatever she sings. I’m excited for her album The Bridge to drop. I had the pleasure of interviewing her yesterday and will post that interview soon. Miss Fiona will be dropping a mixtape with none other than ?uestlove prior to The Bridge release. They’re reworking live tracks on a mixtape. Wow. You heard it here first (or second).

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