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Lauryn Hill Is Back!!!!

April 2, 2009


Well just for a performance. According to [] Ms. Hill will be performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in July.

She sure likes to OD on overseas performances in her mildly wild condition. As much as I pretend to be over the wonder that is L-Boogie, when I hear stuff like this I can’t help but be overly excited and hope that this means she’ll make another album. It doesn’t even have to be one that sells millions (we know that’s impossible due to her rep and today’s market). But just imagine a Lauryn Hill comeback. In the meantime and in between time, I’d like to share the most recent Lauryn Hill song that I’ve loved. It’s from The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill mixtape called “Take Too Much (Rich Man)”. It has this Bob Marley and the Wailers vibe and Lauryn’s voice sounds super strong. The words are pretty deep too. I’m speaking far too basic about Lauryn right now, but that’s only because I tend to fly off on a tangent when it comes to her. Be easy.

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  1. SHaaaaaaaaa…. OMG get out!

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