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Are Magazines the New Vinyl?

April 1, 2009


Living in a digital world can be truly detrimental to the analog girl or boy.

Especially when their favored creative relics are exactly that – relics. Antiques, mementos of a time when artistic expression resulted in tangibility. You could pick it up, hold it, and smell it. As technology came a’knocking selling its Gigabytes, the quality didn’t improve, the quantity did. Any music aficionado can attest to the fact that the simple crackles of vinyl on an old turntable sound more beautiful than anything your iTunes can attempt to re-create. CD’s were an okay intermediary – at least you could hold them and read liner notes. Now if you’re not stealing the sound, you’re hearing about it third hand on a blog with no clear details of how it was created. I would sit for hours when I purchased new music and read the liner notes, checked the samples and then purchased the sampled songs. Now I have no idea what I’m listening to half the time, except for when my deep involvement in music’s history allows me to remember without the help of Google or Wikipedia.

I sadly feel the same thing goes for magazines. It was my dream as a journalist to see my byline and touch it. Run my fingers across the glossy (or matte – you can write wherever you like) pages and see my name in a masthead. Word counts gave me something to aspire to; my creativity was challenged by spacial limits. I felt inspired to create the best story I possibly could – now my main goal is to ask compelling questions so they look interesting on a web Q&A. The internet isn’t designed for floral arrangements of words. It’s designed for time management – reading the most in the least. It’s a way for easy access – what we’ve always wanted. The blog is a writer’s Serato. It can carry all of our thoughts on our laptops with no word count whatsoever. We can write for days, but will only be read for seconds. You may have stopped reading at this point already…

Anyway, this isn’t a rant against technology. Technology has fed me for years. It’s given me friends, enemies, money, power, and respect. I’ll be part of the new world order if I have to. But as we bid farewell to one of the biggest reasons why we love what we love, let’s carry some of it with us in whatever ways we can.

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One Comment
  1. Paul Cantor permalink

    It is tough adjusting. Almost like a switch has to be moved in your brain, as you realign your expectations and desires and passions in life. I sympathize 100%

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