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Andre3000 arrested?

March 30, 2009


This needs to never happen again. Ever. Andre3000 was arrested for being sexy this past Saturday (March 28, 2009). That and he was speeding.

According to [],

Dre’ is accused of going 109mph (44 miles over the speed limit) and was arrested because he was seen as a danger to others on the road.

Andre is one of the few rappers we have who actually has some considerable value to this game. It offends me that he was even pulled over in his ’97 Porsche for driving fast. He was running late for a party. Poor baby. Free 3000! He was released already on a bail bond, but that’s ok.

From → Money, Power, Respect

  1. Sexy mugshot though

  2. huron permalink

    yes..definitely pulled over for being sexy!!!

  3. copper30 permalink

    oh geez i just stopped by to say i read your blog but i see you guys are having some kind of love fest so i’m going to go and google search nicki minaj

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