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Some New Res’ Pieces

March 25, 2009


Find me someone that isn’t a fan of Res’s 2001 debut album How I Do. When you’re done with that, find me someone who didn’t give Santi/o/gold a shot based on the strength of her penning lyrics on How I Do. Then find me someone who doesn’t like Idle Warship. Find me those people and I will shoot them in the kneecaps.

For years Res became one of those artists that you desperately missed once she took a break from the spotlight. The truth is, she wasn’t technically taking a break.

We saw her modeling for Ecko and then she did some songs here and there. Then Idle Warship popped up at SXSW last year and everyone was like “Whoa look! It’s Talib Kweli and Res and some other girl! (I kid I kid, we love you Graph Nobel). So while Idle Warship is doing their thing bringing that bad ass rockish rappish fusionish music, Res is also working on her new album. She released part of it on MySpace (ten tracks) called Black Girls Rock.

Well I’ve got Track 11 – a-ha! From Res herself. The song is called “Sunday Nite” and it mixes that same mellow sound we loved about her before, with a little soulful industrial thing going on, and some handclaps. It’s definitely signature Res stylings and we can’t wait to hear more. Also, she’s trying to push 5k on her Twitter page, so follow that gyal.

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One Comment
  1. misfitadventures permalink

    love love LOVE Res! so please don’t shoot me in the knee’s lol

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